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Trigger warning for sexism, violence against women

From this tumblr, which collects daft moments by the blandest Green Lantern, some sticking more recent panels against older ones for funny or cringeworthy effect.

One of the many many clumsy Hal moments...

...sexist moments...

...and moments that are amusingly canon but people would rather forget. Like that time Carol Danvers was impregnated by a man who turned out to be her son (ie the person her impregnated her with himself) and the Avengers didn't feel that they should stop the brainwashed woman from taken away by the man who'd turned her womb into a Stephen Moffat Doctor Who episode. Come to think of it, Power Girl was impregnated by the universe shortly after she and Hal slept together, and he got into a physical fight with her over the fact that she wouldn't admit he was the father one time. Comics are weird.

"Don't be ridiculous, everyone knows that Green Arrow is the child molester in the Justice League!"

Anyways, more Hal hurting himself,

No way this can go horribly wrong.

Hal meets Seventies Wonder Woman, treats her the same and every other female character he met in this time period,

Hal the Fearless hides behind teenage Zatanna.

Hal versus Star Sapphire, using John Byrne era Fantastic Four tactics. Urgh.

It's crap like this that makes me more of a fan of John Stewart, Guy and Kyle, to be honest.

And to finish off on a better note, the bestest Guardian of the Universe. Seriously, get rid of the rest and just have this one.

Date: 2012-05-15 10:17 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] gerardotejada
how can you know he voted Republican?

PD: I can assure you voting republican is a reasonable thing to do in any country that dont hold the conservative mases North America hold. Historicaly the word is used as despective in regards of "progresive".
Not that I like Obama, but at least Democrats honestly like each other.


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