Still gonna reread Shellshocked, brb

Date: 2012-05-16 10:16 pm (UTC)
eaglet_auditore: Young Justice Jaime says he doesn't mind, until Khaji Da says he does. (being ok)
I'm sure many won't share my opinion, but I actually liked this. Wasn't blown away, but I was surprisingly pleased. I was also expecting the whole issue to be a Lanterns vs Beetle fight; I am glad it was not.
I'm also not sure how to describe how it sounded in my head, but Khaji Da's ''relevance?'' made me snap my fingers and say ''oh no, you DEE-N'T take that tone!''

Regarding next month's issue: I don't have the highest of expectations for #10, since it seems it'll go back to being persecuted on the streets of New York, but at least #9 was enjoyable.
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