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There was a request for more Black Orchid, and I'm happy to oblige. Here's her first appearance, from Adventure Comics #428, 1973.
(5 pages from a 16-page story)

Crusading district attorney Ken Ransom is out to expose the cartel that is behind all the corruption in the city (and who were also responsible for the murder of his brother). He manages to get incriminating photos and tape recordings of one of their meetings, but the cartel catches him in the act. They're driving Ransom to a secluded spot to arrange an "accident", when suddenly:

Meanwhile, the thugs report what happened to the city's mayor, the head of the cartel. They suspect that the Black Orchid might be Gladys Vincent, a member of the group who's been having second thoughts about all the killing they've been doing.

Back at the Ransom house, Ken's sister-in-law Myra tends to his wounds, with a little help from her maid:

Ken gets a call from Gladys Vincent, who is ready to spill the beans on the cartel. The other cartel members overhear the conversation, and decide that this is their chance to kill two birds with one stone. When Ken arrives for his meeting with Gladys, he finds her dead. And then:

(No, I don't know why that one guy is wearing a nightcap and a marching band uniform. It was the '70s.)

Ken is convinced that Myra is the Black Orchid. But Myra takes him to the maid's room and shows him the blonde wig, rubber face-mask, and orchid that Adele left behind. D'oh! Ken idly wonders if he'll ever see her again, as the Black Orchid flies off into the night.
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