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Following the disintegration of the Outsiders due to several reasons I won't go into here, Batman retakes the team that he founded and runs it a whole lot differently from the time Roy Harper ran it, namely: competantly.

In addition to using it as an extention of his own brand of crime fighting, he also tries to use it to reintroduce Cassandra Cain (newly saved from about two years of brainwashing by her dad and Deathstroke) back into the field of superheroics. And although she gets on well with most of the other heroes on the team, one isn't exactly thrilled with her presence...

Err... If Katana hadn't step forward then, wouldn't that technically mean that Green Arrow would have murdered Batman's adoptive daughter in cold blood? And Ollie, it's not like you ever killed anyone, oh wait, you did.

Later Ollie tries to murder Cass again, which she let's him attempt, but he decides that not letting her get eaten by an alligator is enough to get over his feelings of being a hypocritical jackass.
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