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Kamen Rider Spirits Chapter 7 - Crazy Old Man Greco is awesome

Today we look at the often overlooked Kamen Rider X. He sits in between the original Riders (Kamen Rider 1, 2, V3 and Riderman) and the crazy awesome of the later showa Riders (Amazon and Stronger who we will get to later) as such despite the fact that he was designed for underwater combat and was the first Rider to regularly wield a weapon in combat he often gets forgotten.

He is though “internet famous” for one thing irrelevant to this story. He fought perhaps the weirdest monster in Kamen Rider history. Starfish Hitler...

So there's that...

As always remember to read right to left.

Anyways we open to a small fishing boat being attacked by...


So we aren't wasting any time with over the top bad guys. A yacht is also attacked by a silver killer whale.

Anyways Taki (remember him from the first three chapters?) reads about the attacks in the newspaper when he has a guest.


Maybe she isn't as inconsequential as I originally thought? Anyways she wants him to accompany her to Spain to investigate the attacks since he's an expert on the Secret Societies that the Riders fought and they are likely behind this.

So they go to Spain on a small fishing boat run by a former matador.


Fortunately the silver bull is scared off by the crazy old man's shooting.

Later at a bar in town.


They save the old man's ass from an angry mob with the help of a guy called Jin Keisuke.

They go back to the boat that Keisuke and crazy old man (he has a name but I like crazy old man better) live on.


With that in mind they go around town to do more investigating. They come across...


Luckily for them someone has an eye on them.


Kamen Rider X destroys the bull which turns into a puddle of silver goop that oozes away.


Yup, Keisuke is Kamen Rider X. I'm not sure why they tried playing that for mystery. To the original audience it would be like a comic not telling you Bruce Wayne is Batman until the last few pages.

Next time we'll finish up on X's story arc with the Sea Witch and her T-1000 henchman.

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