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So, in the Beyond Comics, Warhawk's origins are explained. We already got the Death of DCUA Vixen, well the down notes continue to play.
Not NSFW per se, but avoid if squemish or a Hawkman fan.

(Reminder: In JLU Shadow Thief was a dark portion of Hawkman's soul.)

So Adam Strange details the history of Thanagar since "Starcrossed" and why Shadow Thief was on Earth to kill Vixen.

Will we ever see a time when Rann and Thanagar won't hate each other.

So Katar Hol steps forward to end the threat of the Shadow Thief.

Yikes, just yikes.
This really bugs me for several reasons:
1) It's needlessly graphic
2) It seems like a very un-Rannian form of execusion. I associate Rann with being more advanced than de-winging and Crucifixion. It just seem more like a Thanagarian way.
3) It's that DCAU canon, it should stick to the rules of a good Saturday Morning cartoon, deaths are not directly shown, but rather heavily implied.
But that's just me.

So They track down Shadow Thief to show dark planet.

For Mari.
Well, the Guardians get involved, claiming John murdered the Shadow Thief.

So, the Guardians are just as poor judges as they are in the main books. I mean Shadow Thief was not alive, he was an aspect of a dead man. Also the Guardians remove 2814 from Lantern jurisdiction, screwing all other planets in the sector and well as completely neglecting to mention what will happend the KYLE RAYNER, the other human Lantern in the DCAU. This was obviously just explaining why there were no Green Lanterns on Earth until Kai-Ro.

For those who were wondering: John and Sheyira return to Earth to bury Vixen in Africa. 9 months later Rex is born. 18 years later, Warhawk liberates Thanagar from the Gordanians.

Woo. this post was far more ranty than originally intended.


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