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Last issue Morbius, who has been working at Horizon Labs, and Spider-Man helped turn the Lizard back into Curt Connors. However mentally he's still the Lizard, and he wants to return to his reptilian form and kill everyone else.

This issue, Connors decides to create a distraction. He takes some of the blood from the lab that Morbius drinks and releases its scent throughout the vents. The scent causes Morbius to lose control and he attacks Sajani, one of the Horizon scientists.

Sajani is still alive, and the others start applying pressure to the wound.

Morbius tries to apologize and runs off. Spidey takes Uatu's (the kid who works at Horizon) special anti-vampire gun and goes after him.

Even if Spidey doesn't know the full story about how the Lizard caused Morbius to lose control, does anyone think he's really overreacting here? He's acting like Morbius is Norman Osborn who just killed Gwen Stacy.
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