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A splash page from Superman #688

So what do you guys think of this scene? My view of it was that Mitch was hitting on Mon-El Jon, what with the "strapping fellow" comment and him telling Jon not to be a stranger. The awkward use of ... I forget the word, but it's like "positive adjectives" would be foreshadowing if it were a guy and a girl. James Robinson's been pretty LGBT friendly from what I've seen in Starman, so this wouldn't surprise me.

This book is pretty neat. Is anyone else here picking it up? I LOVE Renato Guedes' art so much, and the writing is picking up.

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Thinking about it, it might be something deiberate.

Cadbury's definitely marketed their chocolate drink as "Drinking Chocolate" rather than "Cocoa" and Bournville released theirs as "Cocoa", so it might have been a consicous efffort not to differnetiate between the drinks, but the major manufacturers.

Indeed, there used to be an advert in the UK for Cadbury's which used the lines

"Cup hands, here comes Cadbury's
Cup hands, drinking chocolate
Cup hands, here comes Cadbury's now"

but that was probably last screened in the 80's or early 90's.