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Beginning his super career properly, Pierce manages to capture the man responsible for killing one of his students back in the first issue. But since the guy is a high ranking member of his syndicate, a corrupt cop promptly murders him with a tazer after he's dumped at the steps of a police station to make it seem that BL did it.

Luckily though, one of the cops in charge of the area knows that it was one of his men that did it, and tells BL as such after managing to catch up to him during one of his patrols. He just can't tell people immediately that BL didn't murder the guy (who owned one of the already mentioned underage strip clubs and had multiple warrants on him for murder) as he doesn't know how many people in his precinct are on the 100's pay role.

Things go from bad to worse though, when one of the judges that Pierce's wife is investigating for corruption from within her own corrupt lawfirm, decides to admit that he's been taking bribes, but that it was Mrs Pierce who was the one handing them out to people. Luckily though, the Pierces have Powerful Friends...

The guy on the phone, as Clark finds out with supereavsdropping, is the judge who launched the smear campaign about Mrs. Pierce. He says that he wants to make a deal, and wants to meet BL later that night to negoiate terms...

Later, as BL is waiting for the meeting, a mysterious young woman shows up to warn him against the meeting as he doesn't know just how dangerous the people he's going up against her. Her claims that her father runs an international network of assassins is the point that BL just stops listening to her and goes to the meeting anyways.

Mr Gambi, Jefferson's dad's dest friend and his costume/gadget guy narrates.

Jefferson rushes back to Mr Gambi's shop, demanding to know the truth about his dad's death and how it is that the... thing knows his real name. Gambi admits that he told Jefferson's dad where to be and what time, leading to his ambush and death, but he explains that it was sometihng that he was forced to do chose between the life of his friend or the 100 killing Jefferson and his sister instead. Faced with this choice, he tried to make the decision that he thought that Alvin would make. He doesn't know how the thing made the BL=Pierce connection though.

Jefferson isn't happy about this situation though, obviously, declaring his mentor's talks of justice to be lies and bans him from seeing his family in future, leaving the old man distraught as the issue closes...

Date: 2012-08-18 11:24 am (UTC)
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Is it elaborated on that Peter Gambi here is related to Paul Gambi who outfits the Rogues in Central City?

Date: 2012-08-21 12:30 pm (UTC)
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Three things I really like about this:

1) It builds Black Lightning up without tearing Superman down.
2) Clark Kent and Lois Lane are shown as being effective
3) It shows BL being an effective superhero and a real threat to the bad guys.


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