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With his family safely stashed out of town, explained with a fake break-up, Pierce gets to work preparing the local school sports field ready for their track event. Reasoning that it'd prove to the community that the school is up and running properly for the first time in some twenty years or so. While this is going on, a member of the 100 shows up to taunt him about how the track event won't prove anything etc, but when he infers that some members of the 100 would like to rape his daughter(who is about four in this story) Pierce finally has enough, and leaps over the fence to beat the crap out of the gangster. Only to be stopped by Black Lightning...

Yes, it turns out that Pierce's exbrother-in-law actually is a good guy, and made a promise to his ex-wife that if he helped Jefferson defeat his former bosses in the 100 she'd let him back into their lives. So the pair of them decided to take the opportunity to have BL and Jefferson appear in the same place, to divert suspicion away from people thinking that they're the same person.

Pierce's work both as a teacher and as a superhero have had a increasingly good effect on the area though, as an air of growing optimism is about the place, but to the despair of the head of the 100, who, as was explained in the last issue, is a kind of psychic vampire that needs people to feel fear, despair and pain on his property to feed. Realising that he's weakening, he's forced to "take steps".

These steps, it seems include buying the land the school is on. This, coupled with his brother-in-law confirming that the head of the 100 is planning something on the day of the track event, causes BL to put his guard up some.

On the day of the sports event, Councilman Tobias Whale, aka the second in command of the 100, shows up to hijack the good parts of the event away from Pierce and to deliver a message.

It seems that the actual head of the 100, that enlongated guy, has woven a spell on the people at the event, making them a hallucinate everyone else there are demons. This is pretty much so the police will be once again kicked out at the area (this sporting event is pretty much the first time that they've been able to make a public appearance in the Southside in years) as well as the misery in the community that a shooting in a school (against mostly African American students by white cops no less) will bring to the neighbourhood.

Luckily BL wasn't there when the spell was cast though, so he wasn't effected, and he quickly stuns some cops before they can start shooting randomly into the crowds. He shouts to his cop friend that it's an illusion, which causes him to snap himself out of it too, and he begins trying to make his colleagues make sense and while trying to quell the panic.

People try to flee the sports field chaos, only to find members of the 100 waiting to shoot anyone trying to leave. This results in BL getting short as he dives in front of a bullet to save his students. The sorcerer sees BL getting injured, where he reveals his new plan: to possess Pierce's body as his current one is becoming weak and worn out after wearing it for the past 80 years or so.

The combined effects of BL shooting him with electricity, being beaten up by a mob enraged that this guy would attack their local superhero and finally Superman showing up again to punch him in the face, make the sorcerer flee the scene. This is after having accidentally making the area more closeknit, by the police not actually shooting anyone and helping to calm down the dangerous situation with BL and Superman, averting a tragedy. Yay!

The day saved, Tobias Whale takes the opportunity to claim that it was Black Lightning's presence that causes the violence in the area to some rather ruffled reporters. This is the kind of statement that holds as much water as Akin's knowledge of the female reproductive system. Jefferson's brother-in-law, who was saved by Superman, is taken to a hospitalm, but not before telling him good luck and how he's now got a chance to move to Chicago to move back in with his wife and kids. Aww.

To be concluded.

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Is Clark Kent among those ruffled reporters to call him out on that?
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This is great! Thanks for posting. :)


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