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It's Thursday so it's that time again!

First we go old school with Adam West-style Batman, Kung Fu Wonder Woman, and 90's era electricity, mullet-haired Supes. All my nostalgia!

This will probably sound really weird, but I really like Diana's shoes in this picture. I don't know why. It just caches my attention for some reason.

Over the top anime-style art of the Bat-family? Sure why the heck not?

The reason I love Batman stories? 50% is because he's Batman. The other 50% is, well...


Do you think when she's not leaping into action that X-23 prefers open-toed shoes? Or is that redundant?

Meanwhile, in some strange alternate universe where it's always the 1950's...(this is part of a series so go check it out!)

And from the same artist who brought you "how to save a relationship", we have this:

Sequel to the above

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