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A bittersweet sendoff, and not because of what is to come. I'll post some highlight pages and mention what happened in others.

X23 and Finesse have a confrontation at the start of the issue, talking about what really happened in full.  Finesse fully expects Laura to kill her and waits for the killing blow, Laura just hits the wall behind her.  It ends like this:

Hazmat and Mettle talk with Hank and Tigra about what happened with Jeremy's formula.  Short version: the cure they took would attack and neutralize any power remover similar to Jeremy's that they used to remove their powers, as it became a part of them.  Sadly, there's more to the cure that they're told the next day, but that we don't see.  But Hazmat and Mettle resolve other issues instead, because now they aren't alone.  And Ken CAN feel things, but it's not quite the same as having skin.  It just took him a while to figure out how.

Then this happens!

To complete the crappy day Finesse has had, she then finds out that Reptil has stopped waiting for her as she's been standoffish for a good while in their relationship.  He's moved on.  With White Tiger.

She finds out she does have emotions, by having her heart broken.


It ends with the entire crew being made 3rd Grade Avengers, higher security clearness (that Jeanne takes to quickly) and employing Jeremy's targeted helping algorithms to guide young heroes for the best situations they could encounter. Building a network of aid for teen heroes.

And the last page before the issue's close on the other side of the goodbye letter Gage wrote, thanking everyone, is an add for Avengers Arena. 

Gage actually goes out of his to say "Give it a Chance" in the goodbye letter.  Twice. 

Still, for this series, it's a good end, if bittersweet.  The last part bookends the entire series with Veil now just a normal girl going back to a hellish high school, but now she has confidence to stand up for herself.  And Black Ops training that normal high school kids just can't stand up to.

I'm going to miss this book, but I'm glad it lasted as long as it did.


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