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[personal profile] flint_marko's recent entry about Superboy's Robot Teacher that "made him a man" reminded me that I've been meaning to post this. You'll understand why once you've read it.

Supergirl has discovered that one of her Linda Danvers robot duplicates is missing.

Supergirl's college is hit by a series of disasters, and the evidence points to her being responsible for every one of them, up to and including a destructive rampage by a Supergirl robot double.

Supergirl and her cousin's most recent team-up did not go swimmingly.

The Red Rebel is a notorious local college prankster. After Supergirl nabs him, she gets him to help her with a trap for the mysterious Topar.

Why, it's Superboy's old Robot Teacher! He explains his history to Supergirl.

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