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Next issue...

They do end up going for a motorcycle chase thingy across town, I think, but I haven't got the issue on hand I'm afraid.

Harley acting all touchyfeely on Tim is... kind of weird. Admittedly she's probably basing what she thinks the standard Batgirl/Robin relationship is from outdated notes (she doesn't know what happened to the original Batgirl, so she decides to just replace her) but is a little weird. Like the time Clayface pretended to be Babs!girl when Supergirl came to Gotham at the start of her series, presuming that Kara (who was being mentored by Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman) wouldn't know where the original went to.

Or it was Jeph Loeb going out of his way to not have Cass in his series, whichever.
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