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Everyone has heard about the infamous story when Hank Pym slapped Janet Van Dyne. But few care to read it to learn how full of great character moments it is. One of them is a lovely sequence with Hawkeye and She-Hulk.

For context, Hank Pym is being put on trial for several crimes. Egghead, the mastermind behind his insanity, sends his Masters of Evil to 'rescue' him in order to make it look like he's a villain. The Avengers are obviously there to fight them:

Oh no! is this the end of She-Hulk?

Not if Hawkeye can help it.

Time for some nice Hawk-therapy:

Ha ha, Clint, you're such a bastard! Who needs John Constantine so long as we have you?

Even better is Hank Pym taking down the Masters of Evil single-handedly in the same issue, but that sequence is too long to post here.

(7 pages from Avengers #228, 3 from #229)
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