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Dying in Dr. Octopus' body, Spidey confronts Ock (in his body) one last time. Peter is unable to transfer his consciousness back, but as his life flashes before his eyes Ock receives them as well via their mental link, with himself in place of Peter in them.

Ock (still in Spidey's body) tells Spidey he doesn't want this, and asks how he can do what Spidey does. Spidey (in Ock's body) tells him that he has to, because with great power...

But "Ock" is dead.

While this will probably last as long as Captain America's death did, I actually like the idea of a (reformed?) Ock as Spider-Man. I think there's a lot of potential with this idea and I'm definitely on board for Superior Spider-Man.

So I'm surprised to say this, but kudos to Slott. I'm looking forward to see where Ock!Spidey goes from here.

EDIT: There's an interesting write-up here.

Date: 2012-12-26 07:28 am (UTC)
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Personally, I'd still consider Peter Parker to be dead in that scenario. I accept that souls and heavens and hells objectively exist in the MU (even if they're portrayed inconsistently), and unless Peter's talk with Uncle Ben was just a dream he had while his heart stopped, Peter's soul was coming back to heaven or wherever after this last battle. Whoever is driving his body, I can't see how it would really be Peter Parker unless his soul was in there.

We have to hope that M.J. does notice that Peter isn't Peter. Because otherwise... well, people can probably see the very bad direction this could go. I just hope Slott was sensible and doesn't go there.

I'm astonished this is the storyline they chose to commemorate 700 issues of ASM. Just, why?

Date: 2012-12-26 12:41 pm (UTC)
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"Because otherwise... well, people can probably see the very bad direction this could go. I just hope Slott was sensible and doesn't go there."

The old MJ they wouldn't but post-OMD MJ? Slott is the one who came up with the Bobby Carr (steroid-using obnoxious user post-OMD boyfriend of MJ) and would have had us believe MJ (who still had all her last 20 years of character development and remembered her time with Peter and being Spidey's Significant Other with all that detailed) was in love with the dude and even living with him (and she only dumped him because of the drugs apparently). And this is the same Editorial staff that showed Michelle unironically getting it on with Chameleon posed as Peter (and then had Peter cracking jokes about it!) and then when there was a backlash said it was only "kissing". So no I wouldn't put it past them.


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