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Part of the Secret Origin of Man-Bat ties into the secret origin of Batman. Mainly, a bat wouldn't fly through a closed window just because Frank Miller thinks it looks cool.

Secret Origins   - Man Bat & Animal Man V2 #39 - Page 13

Secret Origins   - Man Bat & Animal Man V2 #39 - Page 14

Secret Origins   - Man Bat & Animal Man V2 #39 - Page 15

Gotham City: Home of the wacky coincidence. When I first heard about this, and thought the Langstroms were experimenting on the ground of Wayne Manor without Bruce and Alfred knowing.

To Monday Morning Quarterback the Dark Knight Trilogy, I would have added Francine Langstrom as a sonar expert working for Lucius Fox. (I also would have added Nora Fries as an expert on freezing technology, explaining why Batman just doesn't break the ice rescuing Gordon.) Nolan needed a few more female characters for his trilogy as well as a few more "out there" references to the Batman mythos. Even if they didn't use Man Bat and Mr. Freeze, references to them would be cool.
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