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One more Doom 2099 post to go after this. Then no more WEEK OF DOOM. But I'm ending it on a high note. The lead-up story to Doom 2099 #25. Doom is looking for clues to his missing time and finds a big piece. However, he runs into an old foe, Tiger Wylde.

From Doom 2099 #22-24. 16 Scans total. Dial-Uppers BEWARE!

The arc previous to this, Doom is without his armor and is stuck in the Savage Land. He runs across a cult and a member of X-Men 2099. The leader of said cult is a parnoid nut, and when he come's upon Doom proclaims him false. Before he could say anymore the leader is killed by a traitor amongst his cult (for talking too much obviously).

So Doom begins to search for this unseen puppetmaster and Doom's former great love, Margaretta. The later was first shown in one panel back in one of pages I didn't scan and was whom Necrotek offered to bring back to Doom. In any case the shadowy, yet familar faced being feels his hand is forced. Thus, he begins to work on someone who will deal with Doom.

The same issue Doom is dealing with the elder ruler of a nation of Myridia to bargian for the datafiles he needs (the cult leader said the truth was located there). The ruler out of nowhere gives rulership of the nation over to Doom. Why you ask? Because the ruler thinks Doom to be his long lost son, Erik Czerny. A man smart and intelligence, but obbessed with those who truly controlled the world, a group called the Shadows. And he went searching for the Shadows never to return. That is until now it seems in the form of Doom. There also come's a price with ruling nation. The now former ruler has to be kept alive or else all of Myridia's databanks will be lost if he flatlines.

However, in the very next issue before Doom is even given a chance to gaze upon any datafile Tiger Wylde make's his dramatic return. After ripping through the Myridia military with ease, Wylde finds finally his arch-foe. Enter Round 3:

The ruler dies telling Erik he loved him, but Doom still doesn't believe him to be his lost son. However, with the problem I alluded to earlier, Doom struggles to keep the databanks online just long enough to extract the file he needs. Then after aqquring the data, he and Wire set out for the South Pacific, where the headquarters of the Shadows lay. HOWEVER, they have an unexpected guest as Wylde fell onto Valhalla (as shown in the last panel as it dinked against the ship). His hand rises up, revealing he still functions.

Fun little note about #24. It's the first of Warren Ellis on this series techincally, as he handles the script to John Francis Moore's plot. Ellis doesn't fully be writer of the book until #26. But back to #24, Doom lays seige to the headquarters of the Shadows. After knocking out the defenses, or as Doom ponders being "invited" in they enter the base. Not soon after, he and Wire find the remains of Doombots. Wire then discovers a computer terminal which he tries to access. Alas poor Wire fell right into the trap and is electrocuted to death. For a moment, Doom grieves but a panel for his little side-kick. But that about ends when Doom is then reunited with Margaretta. Before he can get any answers though:

Ok, I just have to say it, OUCH! What a way to go.

Thus the stage is set with the battle between Dooms. See ya next time to my finale of my part to WEEK OF DOOM!

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