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Trigger warning: There's some questionable material regarding rape in here.

So, I've been having some issues with Wolverine recently. Issues along the lines of "why am I supposed to like this guy, he's a massive dick."

So, I think you can see where I'm going with this.

Let's get the AvX example out of the way, with Wolverine trying to kill a teenage girl.


Okay, but she's running on Phoenix power. That's dangerous stuff. Remember what he did to Rachel Summers?


"That isn't what X-men do, Rachel. That's why I'm totally gonna murder the hell out Selene a few years from now."

And speaking of Rachel, here's a scene in which a HYDRA-revived Wolverine considers raping her.

wolverine rachel summers hydra Pictures, Images and Photos

Dude. No. Seriously.

I'm honestly not sure which narration box is supposed to Wolverine's. So there's that. It's probably the greenish yellow one and not the yellowish green one. Maybe both of them?

Thankfully, Rachel taps into Reed Richards' brain, deconstructs the bomb, and TK-blasts the hell out of Wolverine. Using HYDRA tech, he escapes and does this:


Aaaaand that all the "mind-controlled Wolverine kills people" stuff I'm gonna post because there's so much none mind-controlled Wolverine stuff to post!


Rachel, you have so many reasons to dislike this guy. Also, Wolverine, did you forget that you were tracking Hope to kill her right before this?


Ah, Katie'll be fine. Wolverine usually waits until they're teenagers to kill them. Right, Wiccan?


Yep, totally fair to kill a kid for something he might do in the future. Keep that in mind for scan after the next one, though this is worse because there's no proof that Billy'll ever kill anybody.

And, hey, heads up, Legion!


Wow, Wolverine. That's...a lot of hypocrisy right there.

And, of course, Wolverine totally not looking at the big picture.


Pretty sure Cyclops has had a fairly big role in a lot of universe saving adventures. Murdering him before he could do that might be a bad thing. Plus, according to Reed Richards, if you kill him , all that will do is make his universe an alternate past. So you'd murdering a kid for something he'd never even do.

Also, this.


So, were Wolverine's powers weakened before this or something? Because he could tell that X-23 was related to him by smell alone. The fact that he was murdering his kids shouldn't be a surprise.


Yeah, 'cause you never slept with anyone evil. (And that was an alternate universe She-Hulk, thank you very much.)


Oh Wolverine, you lovable scamp.


This makes the fact that he hit on her after Peter "died" just that much creepier. (During the whole The Other storyline.)

Despite the contents of this post, I don't hate Wolverine. I like him when he is being well written. But when you constantly have three books going and are on every team on the face of the planet, you're gonna be hit that much more frequently by bad writing.

Also, morality speeches don't really work coming from him. Feel free to share your own favorite dickish Wolverine moments, I'm sure I missed a lot.
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