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Meanwhile Dawn have not been feeling well and the theory is that her body breaking apart. Since magic is gone because of the mystical "seed" being destroyed.

Since she was given shape by magic and one would imagine the transformation was maintained by magic. Vampires, demons, and Slayers were unaffected in the immediate sense by the breaking of the Seed because whatever magic sustains them comes from within. The nature of the magic that created and possibly sustains Dawn has never really been explored at all. We don't know if it requires magic to sustain but if it does like Koh's prison, that will fade. The memories constructed by the monks were also merely a veil. We saw that in "No Place Like Home." Those seem to be fading. I think it makes sense that if the magic that created those memories is fading/faded, the magic holding Dawn to her current form are probably diminishing too and the human shell the monks made is deteriorating. Hence, the illness.

Issue #18

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