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Previews for Nightwing #17 and Read Hood and the Outlaws #17

From Newsarama's preview of RH&tO #17 as Jason decides on how to deal with the aftermath of the whole Death of the Family thing, he reaches out to a rather unexpected person.

Gah, I hate that they actually refer t to being Robin as an internship, I should be used to that by now, but it irks me every time.

Meanwhile over in CBR's preview of Nightwing #17, we see that though Dick is in a very bad place having had nearly everything that the last year and a half of his book has been about wiped out, he has someone who clearly still has his eye on him.

I do like that Damian still seems to have a soft spot for Nightwing, the first person to ever actually care about him for himself and not because of who he was related to.
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