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One Perfect Moment: This is why Cyclops is the leader of the X-Men

Greetings True Believers! This Perfect Moment was mentioned in a previous Cyclops post. It deserves to be put up! These scans are from Astonishing X-Men #8. A damaged Sentinel is attacking the X-Mansion and Cyclops is pissed. Off. Check it out. Optic Blast!

HOLY SHIT! It's like something out of Dragonball Z! Scott's power level is now over 9000!!

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Motto. My thought has always been that "If there's some grand World Destroying Threat coming that require all of earth's heroes to work together... Cap is the #1 choice to lead Earth's heroes. If he can't, there's Scott Summers."

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To be fair, Scott is a lot more ruthless than Cap (we're talking about a guy who once used a plan where the steps were "1. Get myself killed. 2. Get myself resurrected. 3. Zap guy with my eye beams.")

Of course, Cap doesn't need to be ruthless to win. That's why he's Cap.

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Of course Cap has had a different life than scott.

Steve was a volunteer and a patriot. He was met with love and adoration by the people and he helped punch nazis. When he was revived it was like Arthur returning from Avalon, and save for disenfranchisement with the Government and then the bullshit ending of "You don't know Myspace and Nascar" he had a pretty respectable reputation.

Scott was born into a world that hated and feared him for something that wasn't his choice. He's been an orphan, widower, father who lost his child. Manipulated by villains and friends alike. Finds he has to fight for the affections of his wife/girlfriend for the ugly hairy ape who just acts like the Fonze turned to 11. He was put in charge of a group of individuals who joined together out of need, not want, meaning personality conflicts are worse. Then add in the fact you are never able to just relax and take off your glasses because you destroy anything you look at. Then mix in the issues with his family, then his time traveling offspring, etc.

Scott is what Steve could have become, one of the reasons I liked seeing future Scott in the Cap X uniform in Unlimited. It made sense.