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From Sandman #20, "Facade" from the Dream Country arc.

A little context - Urania "Rainie" Blackwell, was known as the Element Woman (a female Metamorpho from the 1960's with powers from the same source) but now, many years later, her life has not going as planned. She was an adventurer but she doesn't want to be a superhero, she hates being a freak and a hideous freak at that (in her opinion), she hates being non-human as she can never have a normal relationship. As a retired secret agent, she spends her long lonely days in her apartment, with only a telephone for company (alas she has no real friends) and can only go out if she can disguise herself a human with a lifelike mask, those these rarely last.

Essentially, she's a depressed mess, and though she would happily commit suicide, she has the problem that her powers make her functionally immortal, NOTHING can kill her that she can think of.

She's calling out for death to PLEASE come and take her, when who should show up but a sweet young Goth chick.

Rainie recognises her for who she REALLY is "Blessed, merciful Death, come for me at last"... The young lady has to set her straight..

I LOVE the Death Gaiman created. As I've said before, when my time comes, if Death doesn't look like her, or a Grim Reaper who SPEAKS LIKE THIS, I will be BLOODY annoyed!

It was so hard to pick a single moment, but this, for the last panel alone, remains my favourite.


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