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Yeah but he doesn't use the coin here to resolve the argument. He just has an internal argument with himself. I thought the idea was if he did that he'd be in perpetual stalemate - 'Harvey' says, This is the law! and 'Two-Face' says, Fuck the law! There's no way either can convince the other. That's why the coin is necessary.
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He does use the coin to make the decision to do the right thing, which in this case is to play the role of a lawyer
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Well no, it is not the right thing to do to debate in your head whether a guy deserves to die. The right thing to do is to outright say, 'of course he doesn't deserve to die, that's not even a question.'

Here is my deal. I thought Two-Face's thought processes went like this:
Two-Face is conflicted -> he flips the coin to see what he will do

But the trial goes like this:
Two-Face wants to do something bad -> he flips the coin to see if he will be conflicted about it -> once he is conflicted his good side wins out

If his good side can overwhelmingly overcome his bad side like that, why is he a bad guy to begin with?
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Harvey was also getting positive influence by Renee, but the main point to Harvey is that there is an ever present battle in himself to be either the shining white night he once was or do what he would to the world that has shown him that it is nothing but chance and that bad things can happen to the best and the best can happen to the worst. To deal with this inner struggle, he uses a coin to decide because he, at his shattered core, believes that life is nothing but chance, and it helps him not focus on the struggle that would otherwise leave him broken. Tl;dr, a coping mechanism lead by a philosophy that is at varying levels of conviction depending on the writer.