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This is the follow-up to yesterday's post about the relationship between Husk and Toad in WatXM.

It's revealed that Toad has started working with the Hellfire Club in #30 when he takes Quire to join them.

In #31-35, we see Toad and Husk at the Hellfire Academy, a school where villains train young mutants on how to be evil.

Later the staff is having a meeting when Toad interrupts them.

Later, Toad sees Quire being tortured.

The narrator on this page is Idie.

The X-Men arrive and defeat the Hellfire Academy.

Of the four Hellfire Brats, Kade Kilgore gets trapped inside the Siege Perilous and Wilhemina Kensington manages to escape, while Maximilian Frankenstein and Manuel Enduque are forced to enroll at the Jean Grey School. 

In #41, Wolverine and the X-dicks fire Toad.

As he leaves the school, Husk comes and apologizes to him.

It's Frankenstein and Enduque, who have escaped. Frankenstein creates self-replicating energy 'bots to attack the city and distract the X-Men, but Toad tracks them down.

We see that Paige is now the guidance counselor at the school.

The last page shows the two flying off the cliff in jetpacks.
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