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Pearl reveals that she's still alive, for lack of a better term, to her friend Hattie. She gives her some money and tells her to move out, as she'll probably be in danger when Boch and the rest of the Carpathian vampires realise that Pearl is still alive. Hattie tries to convince her not to do anything, but Pearl points out that they left her in a ditch for dead, and that's not something she can just let go...

Over at the home of the Carpathians, they are debating why Skinner Sweet would violate their truce by killing their pet movie star Hamiliton (they don't know that Pearl is still alive). To their annoyance, they don't what kinds of weaknesses he might have, beyond the fact that he appears to sleep on moonless nights (such as tonight). But the fact that he can wander around in daylight means that he can be practically anywhere, making searching for him near impossible.

Boch says that they have to be careful in dealing with Sweet, as not only did he kill all the vampires they sent after him the last time they attempted to hunt him (sending them a photo of him posing with their decapitated corpses for their trouble), but by pushing him too far he might do something drastic like ally himself with the Vassals (vampire hunting group, featured more in the second volume onwards). In the mean time, they have the address that Hamiliton phoned from before he was killed, and Boch sends two of the younger vampires over there to tidy up any potential loose ends.

And while they're on the way, this happens...

Later, Pearl manages to track down the houseboat of her friend Henry, the man who was asking her out earlier. She apologises for missing their date, and he says that as far as excuses go, being attacked by wild animals is pretty much a very good one. Pearl says that there is actually more to it than that, and fills him in one what's going on.

He's skeptical, to say the least, but since night has fallen again and the moon is down, Pearl kind of just crashes at his place for the next few nights. She's awoken by Henry, who says that Hattie has called... only it turns out that she's been kidnapped by the Carpathians! Henry says that he's going to come too to help save her, but Pearl pinches his car and drives off without him.

Next issue we get a flashback to how Hattie and Pearl became friends, with Pearl giving her a free doughnut when it turned out that the new-in-town Hattie had no cash for breakfast, and her later giving Pearl some free cinema tickets in response.

It turns out that Hattie was the one who dumped Pearl and the other victims of Boch and his associates in the desert, having effectively agreed to work for them some time ago in order to get a leg-up in Hollywood.

Despite her stab wound though, she manages to stab one of the vampires in the eye with her shoe, but Boch takes advantage of her weaknened state to try and flat out maul her to death. Pearl tumbles down an embankment, just in time to fall in front of Henry's car (evidently he found it again offpanel). He hoists her into the car, and the pair speed away, Pearl shooting another vampire in the face with Henry's pistol when he attempts to leap onto their car as they make their get away.

They drive off into the desert, stopping eventually when Pearl starts to pass out, and Henry hits upon the idea of her drinking his blood to heal herself. Which she does, but feels really bad about it, having realised that on top of her best friend betraying her, she really went from 0 to 60 in terms of being a violent undead monster.

Henry tells her not to worry, as she's still her. She asks him how he knows that, and he reveals why he started asking her out in the first place.

To be concluded...

Date: 2014-04-04 01:17 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] tugrul
I had to read back part 1 and 2 to see where Hatty fits in. This story had me on the edge of my seat.

Date: 2014-04-04 02:34 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] pteppic
This is... really rather good.


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