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Scans Daily Resource Exchange

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Thanks to [personal profile] icon_uk 's One Perfect Moment theme, SD 2.0 has seen its busiest week yet, with +200 posts, and 51 posts on Tuesday alone! (So far. There's still time to get your OPM posts in - post people, post!) Round of applause for [personal profile] icon_uk , everybody.

One Perfect Moment brought a bunch of new (and nearly new) posters out of the woodwork, so I thought now would be a good time to do a resource exchange. Veteran SDers! Here's your chance to share all your hard-earned scanning, posting and general Scans Daily knowledge. *points to soapbox* Climb up.
  • What image hosts do you recommend?
  • Which ones should we stay away from?
  • What hosts are good for adult content?
  • Any scanning tips for noobs?
  • Any image editing tips for noobs?
  • What are some good places to find public domain comic scans?
  • What are some good places to find comics on the cheap?
  • What does every noob need to know about Scans Daily?
And, you know, whatever other burning questions SD can come up with.

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I'd like to directly contradict you. Looking at your most recent post (, while it is fairly readable for the most part, and I have certainly seen worse, I'd much rather have more like this one (

It depresses me slightly how far back I had to go to find something I could consider a really good example.

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You got me on that one. I was using a different scanner for the majority of that specific post. However, the Daredevil "Marvel Age" cover is from my usual scanner and is very crisp (I re-sized it with the same specifications as the rest). That is my ideal scan.

Some other points are a matter of personal style and taste: I like to keep the color of old newsprint as opposed to bleaching it out and I like a typical comic sized page to somewhat fit on a screen without having to scroll too much to view it. My past posts have varied in that regard, though.