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Batman 416 [7 scans]

Pretty sure this hasn't been posted.

This is Dick and Jason's very first meeting from Batman 416. Say hello to Discowing. This is also the issue when Bruce says he took on Jason because he missed Dick, which results in Dick giving Jason his old costume (how many of these things does he have?!) in a sweet moment at the end, which I included.

Best moment imho: Dick descending on a bunch of bad guys saying My name's Nightwing! I may not be the gent you were expecting but let me assure you , like him, I'm the stuff of nightmares."

Credits: Jim Starlin (plot, script); Jim Aparo (pencils); Mike DeCarlo (inks); Adrienne Roy (colors); Agustin Mas (letters); Dennis O'Neil (edits)

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The awesome must be spread! Truly Kevin Conroy's greatest role.