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The Japanese soldiers machinegun the American marines who happened to survive driving into their minefield, sending up flares to ensure that there are no survivors... only for Margot, Finnegan and Lamont to escape via swimming directly down as opposed to thrashing around on the surface in confusion.

They manage to evade the Japanese forces, and come up on the bank the next day. Or rather, Margot drags Finnegan out the water while Lamont lays out their plan for the following morning. Pat asks whether they should take time out to bury the men, only for Lamont to point out that he's done enough for them already...

At the Wong's mine, Kondo's chemist tests some of the rocks, confirming that it's what they're looking for. And since this is what they're after, Wong has the villagers he kidnapped spend the next two days digging out more of the stuff while Kondo and his people chill in Wong's nearby camp.

Later, Cranston, Margot and Pat come across some of Kondo's men guarding some of their boss' supplies...

With the soldiers dead (or in the case of that one guy, essentially dead due to Lamont hijacking his brain), the Shadow questions them, and finds something interesting in the crates that they were so set on protecting...

Back at camp, Wong's men have been celebrating with Kondo's group, having decided to throw a big party in celebration of the huge payday the Japanese have promised... only for it to turn out that the soldiers have only been PRETENDING to get drunk, so make killing Wong's bandits all the easier. While this is going on, the Shadow catchs up with Wong, himself.

The Shadow shoots him.

The next day, the Japanese gather at the mine, where Kondo angrily throws the rocks their slaves have dug on the ground, calling them worthless. The horrified Akamatsu asks him what he means, and Kondo replies that Wong must have had enough of the real thing to trick them, but there isn't nearly enough of the material they wanted to be remotely viable.

The general... doesn't take this well...

Akamatsu tells Kondo that their failure is his responsiblity as Kondo's superior officer, and as such there's only one thing that can be done. Namely, he's going to commit seppuku.

To Be Concluded...


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