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The shocking news in Captain America #600 (or perhaps not); also, three and a half scans from Dark Reign: Young Avengers #2 and three from Mighty Avengers #26.  Lots of YA character appearances this week.

As far as anniversaries go, #600 is typical Brubaker quality, though it's not really shocking; why anyone thought this absolutely had to come out two days early, I'm not sure.

Anyway, the whole thing is broken into various vignettes with different characters; I earlier posted an image from the bit with Eli and Rikki, here's the end:

Elsewhere, we check in with the Red Skull, trapped in his computer-body and reminiscing about the good old days of World War II when he and Steve were constantly trying to kill each other:

At the end of the main story, the New Avengers, Black Widow and Falcon turn up incognito at the big memorial rally in Central Park which people believe that Osborn opposes.  However, Osborn smoothly coopts the event by giving Steve a rousing tribute and saying he wears the colours in his memory.  At the end...

Lose the headband, Sharon.

Over in DR: Young Avengers, the real YA ask whether Osborn put the new guys up to this.  Coat of Arms says sort of:

She introduces herself; he's heard of her art, and asks if she does the superhero bit herself.  She says no.  He gives her his business card.

Two issues in and I really love this character.

Over in Mighty Avengers, the adolescent pissing-contest between Reed and Hank escalates into an assault on the Baxter Building.  Reed heads to where the device is, which Hank crows is exactly what he planned.  However, he finds himself in a simple room with Reed seated at a desk with the device on it.  Hank lunges...

The rest of the team is running interference with the rest of the Fantastic Four, except for Cassie, who decides this is all BS and goes to tell Sue what's going on.

So it's a religious experience, then, Jo?

Whatever else you might think about Millar's FF (and I've generally enjoyed it), genius Val was an awesome idea.

Herc finds Cho's experience amusing enough to sing a song about it.

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Franklin should be about sixteen (if we go by his appearances with Power Pack... who're already young adults) and Val should be four or five. Except nobody at Marvel cares about their real age. Blah.


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