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One Perfect Moment: Shredder

Two perfect moments from the Shredder. One from the old school and the other Archie.

The first from his actual first appearance and origin (TMNT vol. 1 #1):

From TMNT Adventures #24:

I kill for scans of the one issue of Shredder I don't have from this series. The issue where he and Verminator X take on the turtles in the desert and they decide to cash in on their great enemy owing them.

Yeah that's right the Shredder which Archie one based on the toon had actual.. honor. Which made him actually a hundred times more interesting.

Still both moments capture the character's motivations so perfectly. God he's the most iconic indy comic book villain of them all. You stand him in the shadow amongst other villains. I gurantee you'll know who he is just by the outline he casts. If only Mirage would give us more of the original version. I sure as hell would love a one-shot, issue of Tales of TMNT, or limited series dedicated expanding upon Oroku Saki's origins. I mean yeah it's pretty much all spelled out but to the levels he's committed himself. Not to mention why where the New York Foot Ninja so darn obbessed with his leadership? Be a hell of a story I say.

The dude surely deserves it for being #1 on the TMNT Rogue Gallery. And techincally (really the clone worms not the real deal) he's still alive in original TMNT verse. He got ressurected again in Tales of TMNT #3-4, and #33 as a mutated shark creature. I might post that in honor of the turtles 25th Anniversary coming up.

Eh, what the hell I'll throw sort of one perfect moment coming from the best Shredder of the 2K3 series as well. Pity we never got more comics with him in it (just a certain series written by HE WHO MUST NOT BE NAMED.):

And I complete the cycle by including the movie Shredder above.

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Nice stuff. :)

Now we just need the movie version, and I think we're set. XD

--LBD "Nytetrayn"

Not just yet.

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You're forgetting the Next Mutation version of the Shredder. He only appeared in one episode, but they had one.

Re: Not just yet.

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Yeah, but that was basically a split extension of the movie Shredder.

Sort of like old toon and Archie Shredder.

--LBD "Nytetrayn"

Re: Not just yet.

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Not to mention the couple of new forms he took in Suupa Turtles!

Happy sigh.

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As much as I like badass!Shredder from the comics, I must admit I downright love foolish!Shredder from the old TMNT cartoon.

...He was my cartoon crush as a child ^^"

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Shredder has a point. Who ambushes a guy in his apartment, while he's gardening no less, just to adopt a defensive position?

I kind of wish he'd just gone back to his bonsai tree while all of them just stood there preparing to parry.

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By "He who must not be named" you the one that screwed TF fans in 2004?

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I love that we have a HE WHO SHOULD NOT BE NAMED. So Lovecraftian.

That first page of TMNT #24 was great. It's good to hear Shredder be so calm and reasonable about warrior dragons.

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That first entrance of Shredder in the movie has to be one of the more memorable villain entrances ever made. Silence, except for the soundtrack - then, the looooong shadow stretching out before him, seeming to go on forever, his minions bowing and scraping obsequiously before him, the rough voice - it's damn near perfect. Shame he turns out to be wearing that spangly red costume underneath it - I'm sorry, but that just looked stupid. He's the SHREDDER, for cryin' out loud, not a circus performer. Still, the entrance is worth it.

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Ehhhh, well, matter of opinion, I guess. Personally, I thought the purple-and-grey look from the cartoon suited his character quite nicely, but if they weren't going to do that (and I can understand why they wouldn't, if they were trying to stick more closely to the comics), I wish they'd gone with either a darker color, or at very least, lost the friggin' sparklies. Where is it written that the head of a Ninja clan must sparkle and twinkle? I wouldn't have minded the red so much if I didn't constantly have the feeling that Shredder was about to either do an equestrian trick or start singing 'I feel pretty... oh, so pretty...'