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Several Perfect Moments: Pex and Solly

Some of you might remember when I posted a few strips from the campus newspaper. I recently picked up a summer edition of the paper to find that some strips had been cut, but Pex and Solly managed to make it through. In light of that, I bring you Pex and Solly, a few perfect moments.

Not gonna lie, I had a "Holy Shit" moment when I got this one.

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Good lord.

That first one really DID make me laugh out loud.

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Also, that last one gave me a very good Frank Cho vibe.

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What the hell is that first one about? I AM missing something.

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Possibly it's that it's so blindingly obvious that it's a goat that it's humourous anyone would even ask?

Have to say, not finding these particularly amusing at all. Even allowing for the fact it's Monday morning and I'm never at my sharpest then.

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Something tells me that's not a link I want to click on whilst at work...

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Something is telling you wrongly.

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Sorry, not taking any chances! :)

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Don't do it!

Also I didn't get it till I read it again just now, before seeing that link. I thought it was kinda humorous on its own merit.

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I think it has to do with the fact the word goatse isn't obvious from two, unconnected, speech bubbles in two separate frames, unless you already know the term and run the words together

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Yeah, also if the actual image in the first two panels had looked a little bit more like uh..."it" then it would have made a lot more sense I think.

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The Goatse image itself isn't there; however the photo IS described.

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Yeegh! The stuff humanity comes up with when it's bored...

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It's making a pun reference to the shock site typically pronounced "Goat sex"

Pex And Solly

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Hey there - got sent this from a friend again, sadly my comic strip won't be in the Collegian anymore because they wanted to set guidelines that everyone must 'get' and 'understand' the comics - requesting that I write comic strips a sixth grader can laugh at. Judging by most of the comments left here, I write strips that require a level of familiarity with internet pop culture or a weird sense of humor in general. I declined to continue working with them.