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'Old Man Logan' is considered to be a magnum opus of sorts for Wolverine to the point that Hugh Jackman has said he'd like to adapt it someday. It takes place in a dystopian future in which the villains have won and Wolverine has refused to pop his claws.

Warning: This is pretty gory.

It starts with #66...

Logan is now trying to raise a family at an old farm but they're low on money.

Logan says there's no such thing as superheroes and asks her to pass the bread rolls.

Bruce Banner's grandchildren arrive the next day. They're expecting rent.

Logan pops his claws and skewers them but it turns out to be just a daydream.

"Double next month or everyone dies."

Hawkeye tells him he has a business proposition for Logan a delivery job. Logan asks if it's illegal, and Hawkeye asks him if an old Avenger like him would ever break the law.


They ride off a cliff.

That night they're attacked by a gang of 'Ghost Riders' but Logan refuses to raise his hands.

In Hammer Falls, Nevada (called for Thor's hammer which is a tourist attraction). Hawkeye takes Logan to see Tonya, his third ex-wife and Peter Parker's youngest daughter.

#68, they go to rescue her from the new Kingpin.

#69, Logan comes to the rescue.

Some other guys start a fight with them and Logan almost pops his claws but stops himself.


Fifty years ago, the Xavier Mansion is attacked by a group of organized supervillains.

It turns out the whole thing was an illusion by Mysterio to goad him into murdering the X-Men.

Wolverine is broken and wanders through the woods, wanting to punish himself. He waits for a freight train. 

At this point in the story, Hawkeye tells him that a train couldn't kill him with his healing factor.

"No, but it hurt... An' sometimes, that's enough."

To be continued...
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