Re: tl;dr 1 of 2

Date: 2009-06-24 05:44 pm (UTC)
For one specific example, as a practising polytheist of a Scottish-rooted belief (an odd mix of norse/celtic/maybe pictish stuff) I have found that my religion's concept of the Gods is that, while they are certainly immensely more powerful than us, they expect nothing less from us than that we look them in the eye, so to speak, and disapprove of any submissive attitudes; as their creatures and children, we are expected to stand up to that legacy instead of humiliating ourselves before them.

So, they're Godzilla?

Damn you. I've got to go out now and I'm gonna go around laughing by myself and looking dumb thanks to you!

Damn, I haven't even visited S_D much in the last few very messy months, and I had to find Diana turned into Xena.
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