Date: 2009-06-25 05:21 pm (UTC)
I don't get how that makes things work. Peter waking up in a different world is simple in a woo-woo-de-debbil's-curse-It's a Wonderful Life-esque sort of way - I mean, this is Mephisto we're talking about here; it's completely in character and appropriate for him to just turn things upsy-daisy all at once. But now I'm confused. Does this mean that Peter was essentially running on autopilot for a few months, with his pre-OMD mind in hibernation, as it were, until one day he woke up and Yow! There's all these changes, booga booga! 'Cause it seemed to me - and I've only read the scene once, so I could be wrong, but still - that Peter was a bit disoriented upon waking up and seeing all these changes. And if that's NOT the case, and time just marched along normally, then what happened to Mary Jane? Did she just go 'well, we've made a bargain, so I'm moving to Cincinnati?' And why the disorientation? I'm confused.
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