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Captain America : It's all in the angles...

I bet Steve Rogers could seriously hussle a pool hall.

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Heh. Yes.

Even the great Captain America COULD be surprised by a DISEMBODIED TALKING HEAD ON THE FLOOR!

Also, I love Cap.

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Classic Cap!

Come back Steve! Come back!

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He is, he is, don't worry...

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Did this guy and Armada ever team up? That would have been hysterical...

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Armada was a B-list Spidey villain who teamed up with Mysterio a few times. He was a mercenary with the typical high-tech weaponry - flight-boots, etc. - who never went into battle without a small convoy of little flying robots surrounding him, all of which were fitted with death rays and so forth to help him out. The twist was, this guy was nuttier than a fruitcake, and had developed a close personal relationship with each and every one of these robots, which he called by girls' names. As a result, whenever one of his little robots got swatted down in battle, he would react like you just killed one of his pets - 'AAA! YOU KILLED MELISSA!' 'DAISY! NOOOOOO!' That sort of thing. I just figured a team-up with Machinesmith would be highly amusing, given that he seems to view machines in a somewhat similar manner.

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I've got the trade for that, too. "War & Remembrance". Machine Man got just a bit tragic at the end.

Can you scan the first two pages of the Cap for President one? Where he solves a hostage situation in three point seven seconds?