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Golden Age Wonder Woman

These are from Sensation #13. Just two images.

Steve, there are support groups for this.

Also: a couple of weeks ago, someone commented saying that in Europe, only serious comic book nerds have ever even heard of Wonder Woman. This led to a spirited debate, and someone (was it you, [ profile] bluefall?) posted a few photos of non-nerd Europeans wearing costumes obviously based on the Amazing Amazon's.

Well, over the weekend, I was watching the British TV show Hustle. A British show, made by and for Brits. It's never even been aired over here, but you can rent it via Netflix, and I highly recommend it. Anyway, during one of the second season episodes, there's a brief scene where one character dresses in a costume that's just different enough from Wonder Woman to avoid copyright infringement. But it's obviously her. She's even deflecting bullets with her bracelets.

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