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"When we originally plotted this story, Bullock and Montoya were supposed to be the main protagonists, but after Paul turned in his script, I decided I wanted to put Batgirl in it, too (I love to draw pretty girls, in case you didn't know). As I recall, Paul's reaction was 'WHAT!!??!!' I explained how I thought we could do it and subsequently wrote most, if not all, of her dialogue myself directly on the boards. I think Paul was ultimately happy with the final result, but you'd have to ask him." --Bruce Timm, Afterword, Batman: Mad Love and Other Stories

From "Jolly Ol' St. Nicholas," originally published in The Batman Adventures Holiday Special #1 (Jan. 1995). 4 pages of 12.

Barbara's doing her Christmas shopping at a department store when she notices Bullock and Montoya serving as, respectively, Santa and his elf. She recalls her dad mentioning a rash of department store thefts, and reasons that the detectives must be there on stakeout. She decides to keep an eye out in case they need help.

Meanwhile, a gang of four young boys shoplift under everyone's noses, until Barbara accosts one of them, only for his hand to break off. Just then, Montoya and Bullock, having received a tip-off on police radio, go after the other three. The four boys merge, revealing themselves to be--Clayface!

Harvey and Renee draw on Clayface, but he simply gunks up their guns. Then he forms his hand into a battle-axe and prepares to cut them down.

Batgirl's attack sends them both crashing outdoors, right onto--or, in Clayface's case, into--a skating rink. She orders the area cleared.

And now a fanservicey holiday bonus (in August): pencil roughs of a rejected one-page sequence, published in Mad Love and Other Stories. Once again, Bruce Timm:

"[P]age 7 originally consisted of six panels of Barb changing into her Batgirl outfit right in the middle of the panicked crowd. Even after I explained that I'd lifted the gag from an old Supergirl story, DC said, 'No way!' [...] For the record, I like the 'revised' [page] better."

Yowza. By the way, if anyone knows which Supergirl story Timm was talking about, feel free to post from it. ;)
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