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This next post needs little introduction from me. There is no context necessary. It may in fact be the scariest part of Monster, and what introduced me to the anime (I watched that before I read the manga, truth be told). It is a short video, depicting the picture book "The Monster Without A Name".

You may be wondering why I'm not posting the manga scans. I find this particular piece of animation is better than the paper original. The simplistic animation style gives it more of the dissonant innocence that is probably the creepiest part of the original. And of course, being animated means that they can devote greater detail to some of the more disturbing scenes, that were originally depicted with a single panel (Otto being eaten from the inside out, for instance).

For legality, the first time the book is mentioned in the manga. Reads right to left:

I just have interrupt to say I love this woman's obliviousness. She's so busy geeking out over a picture book that she doesn't realize that it's breaking someone's brain. I wonder if we'd be the same way, if it were a rare comic replacing the picture book?

I just have to say: I love manga decompression. A fit of terror that lasts six pages, slowly building to a faint, is a beauty to behold.

All scans are from the scanlation at Spectrum Nexus.

Date: 2009-07-01 09:52 pm (UTC)
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Also also, I love how much this animation looks like an old czech cartoon (yeah, they could be creepy). Lovely style.


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