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The Batman Family doesn't behave at weddings

The first time Dick Grayson tried to get married, the priest blew up before he could complete the vows. The Batman Family finds this funny.

First let me give you some context...

So naturally everyone this time around is in anticipation on if the priest will finish his sentence...

Then everyone JOKES ABOUT IT!!!!

I would expect more from Donna Troy...


Still "What kind of weddings do you people go to" is one of the funniest lines of the comic.

You would think that the death of a minister who was simply in the wrong place, at the wrong time, marrying the wrong people would be treated more sensitively.

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Considering that I've never heard of this story before at all, I suspect this ended up being a "let us never speak of it again" retcon, the sort WCW loved back in the day, where you just pretend it never happened and let it cease to be canon because nobody remembers it.

While it didn't work that well for WCW (who liked to use it on things that had happened just a couple of weeks--or even HOURS--before), it's actually a fairly elegant way to deal with things in comics, where more time passes. You just do a year or two of stories that wouldn't have any logical reason to reference it, and then quietly tell the editors not to allow writers to refer to it from there on out. No need for writing a story to hamhandedly erase it, you just pretend it's an "imaginary story" and act as if it never happened.

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(Aw, nuts, hit "post" instead of "preview.") It's also pretty much how everyone ends up dealing with having let Grant Morrison loose on an ongoing property, unless they choose to pull a Bobby Ewing on it instead.

On an unrelated note... is that Jack Kirby as the priest?

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It's not like every story gets referred to later on, including fairly important ones (more important than this one, surely, which is only one annual). Well, actually Dixon did have Tim refer to it in the early Nightwing issue that had Tim and Dick trainsurfing, but it was only a mention in passing.

Luckily, otherwise comics would get even less accessible to the new reader.