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This post centers on Impulse, because he's Impulse

I know He Who Must Not Be Named is persona non grata around her, but when I saw that the Young Justice 80-Page Giant was full of stories of other people writing YJ (admittedly, not as well), well, I had to share. I won't spoil the framing story, but suffice to say it's an excuse to present Young Justice in a bunch of cracky situations like hunting vampires in a silent film and being hit on by older women.

I don't know what's up with the western story, as instead of really having fun with the concept, it's just them saying lines of "Western" dialogue and then thought-bubbling about how lame their dialogue is. Next!

I'll pause for all the otaku in the audience to laugh uproariously.

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If the bit with Secret had been written today, there would have been a Lolcats joke. We all know it's true.

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Secret, why so srs?