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Many of you probably spent the 4th at cookouts. I hope it was better than the cookout that Scott and Barda Free had a few years ago. How bad? Well, the Joker shows up. Hey, this is my first post so I hope I didn't screw it up.
This is 7 pages from the 37 page Justice League International Annual 2. The whole issue is cracktastic and was probably posted on the SD.

So Scott and Barda want to have their JLI buddies over for a cookout but poor Scott. Apokolips was never like this.

Come on Barda, you must have had seen a weenie at least once. And could that woman rock a bikini or what.
Elsewhere there are two stories involving the JLI team. Tora and Bea are trying auditioning to be hookers models (you have to see the outfits). Booster and Ted are cooking up ways to make such extra cash. Oh, and the Joker is going to meet some Russians about a tank.

Back at the Free home Scott has got some manly help to build the grill.

Meanwhile it gets even crazier. Ted and Booster get jobs as repo men.  And the Joker is at McDonalds with the Russians. But guess what Ted and Boost are repo'ng? The Joker's Tank. Telling you best issue EVAH.

Back at the Free's house

Weenies,weenies, weenies!

Bea and Tora don't become models and head over to the cookout. Booster and Ted drive the tank over. So the gang's all here and it's time to Partay!

But uh oh the Joker wants his tank and shows up at the Free's to steal it. But no one knows how to drive it.

Oh boy is Barda pissssed. Hide your weenies!

Barda and Jon destroy the tank. It's so bad that the Joker freaks and says he wants to go back Arkham. And look there is his ride.

Oh, come on Bats, try a weenie. Or at least drop off the six pack of what ever cheap beer you bought.

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I just had to look it up for my post below yours, and try it several times to get it right, so I feel your pain. :)

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FYI: The LJ-cut code (with proper ">" brackets and all) is now available on the community profile page (http://asylums.insanejournal.com/scans_daily/profile) for easy copy-pasting convenience.


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