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He was met on his way by everyone's favorite Black Knight.

That Dane Whitman met his work, first- was met by the police looking for someone who could've worked that.

He was taken into custody- one of the cops made a doubly-clever Silent Knight joke- and released when nothing definite could be proven against him.

Back at his castle, a woman called on him.

She told him the story of her husband, the Crusader.

(His ancestral legacy was probably enough to inspire setting him against the Knight here.)

The Crusader struck where Dane expected him to- at the visiting Emir of Ghulistan.

(Imagine if Greg Capullo was getting coloring and inking like this on Batman today.)

The Crusader hurled him onto the tarmac.

" Lo, unbelievers!

" ' I testify against you this day- '

" ' - that ye shall surely perish! ' "

The Crusader overpowered the Knight.

Recognizing his courage, he offered to spare him if he would take up his cause.

" I'll.. die first.. "

" So be it! You have pronounced sentence upon yourself! "

Then the maddened man's daughter ran out.

The Crusader cast aside his sword and shield.

Alas, this wasn't the last of him- he'd come to ride another banner again.

But who could blame him, when his fire was re-lit by a golden-skinned Goddess on an Infinity Crusade?

(Oh yes, pagecount- just under 7 of 22 from Avengers Spotlight #39.)
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