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So far (two issues), it's been moving with its protagonist.

Its first issue opened in 1776, with a woman on a mission who was caught out.

It then jumped forward to the present day, to another caught.

Having established a protagonist, her capabilities, her mystery, and a bit of her personality, it then started her run.

It set her off with a goal (which the detective there has more than a little to do with) and established who'd be coming after her.

(If you're wondering why he looks so non-regulation, it's because there's something more to him too- he was in that 1776 bit.)

A quick pace seems to be this book's deal- the main character's been active and on the run so far, with her hunters following. Exposition's dealt as they go, either between the protagonists or the antagonists; it's a read that doesn't feel at any point like the story's stopping to hammer itself into you, which's nice.

(Pagecount's 3 of 22; script's by Adam Christopher and Chuck Wendig.)


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