Date: 2009-07-13 02:40 am (UTC)
Hal didn't do much, but, after the person Roy loved most BEAT HIM UP AND THREW HIM OUT AFTER ABANDONING HIM IN THE FIRST PLACE, Hal is the one who goes looking for him. Hal is the one who finds him and doesn't screw up by picking a fight because he doesn't like what Roy did. He is kind and unselfrighteous and he insists on getting Roy to someone who does care about him and will help him. It also matters that Hal is Ollie's best friend (aside from Dinah and Roy). Him doing that was notice that Ollie was wrong when he said it was all Roy's fault.

My favorite follow-up to this is when Dinah's mother is dying. Ollie is there and tells Hal. Hal immediately goes to the Titans and asks them for Roy. When Roy shows up, he just says, "Dinah needs you." And thats it. Roy goes with him on the spot. Hal drops him off and the family huggles.

Hal isn't the guy to take care of you, but he is the best friend who'll back you up.
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