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It is now official that Darwyn Cooke passed away this morning from the cancer he was announced as being treated for just yesterday, and at the ridiculously, almost offensively young age of 53.

The genius behind New Frontier and noted for his work on Catwoman, The Spirit, Parker, The Twilight Children and many, many more lost his battle with cancer.

His style was unique and glorious. Retro, yet modern, it was instantly recognisable, and called up echoes of Will Eisner, Bruce Timm and Jack Kirby and was at the same time absolutely his own.

He was also known to be an utter professional and a good friend. Check out your favourite artists on Facebook and there's not a one of them who hasn't been hit by this.

I know I speak for the Mod Team and indeed everyone on Scans_Daily when i express my sympathies and thoughts for his family and many, many friends.

To honour his passing, may I suggest posting your favourite examples of his work, in this, or other threads if it seems appropriate. And if you wish to use the term, and donations to the Hero Initiative and The Candian Cancer Society

For my part, I will repost something i first put up in 2014, when the solicitations for an entire month of covers from DC had his work as wonderful variants... the only time I have actually considered buying a book for it's variant cover. I still hope these get collected.

I don't often swear on scans_daily, but as Mr Cooke put it yesterday when his condition was announced; "FUCK CANCER!"

Teen Titans

(So much to love in this one)

Batman and Robin





The Flash

Harley Quinn

Wonder Woman

Justice League

Green Lantern Corps

Justice League United

Action Comics



Superman and Wonder Woman

Detective Comics



Green Lantern

Justice League Dark

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

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