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Sometimes, no words are necessary

These scans are pulled from two separate issues, so they don't exceed the page limit.

It all begins when Deleon, the man who stole Oliver Queen's fortune and bought his mansion, finds his old Arrowcave headquarters.

Basically, what's going on is that Deleon has been targeted for assassination by the supervillain Hellgrammite, after a deal gone sour. Now Deleon's hoping to blackmail Ollie into keeping him safe.

The costume was stolen from Star City's police museum, in case you're wondering.

Later, Deleon decides it's better to just pay Hellgrammite off instead of risk death. Ollie tries to track him down, in the hopes that he'll lead him to Hellgrammite and Black Canary, who's still captured.

Not realizing she's already escaped, Ollie finds Hellgrammite.

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Electrical stimulation is the only kind you respond to, anymore!

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It just hurts so good, bebbeh. You don't spank like you used to.

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I don't want to draw blood. I'm not into that.But you still enjoy the nippleplay.