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Golden Age Wonder Woman

I've figured it out. What's cool about Etta Candy is, though she's a comic character, Marston allowed her to be a real person too. She's brave and tough and loyal and has high aspirations. Here she's actually trying to send Wonder Woman a mental radio message, even though she hasn't been trained to do it.

I love how unapologetic she is. In a world where anorexic models faint on the runway and emaciated young women sign up with Weight Watchers, we need a woman who isn't in the least intimidated by the command to diet.

I have to say, Diana seems to be awfully calm about a girl being thrown down a mine shaft.

Etta protects her own. Give me Etta over a truckload of scrawny supermodels!

Get a load of Diana's ensemble here.

It turns out evil people were forcing Pepita to do bad things. Wonder Woman trounces the evil people, and:

Stick to your guns, Etta!

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