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They weren't all superpowered.

They were all financial superpowers, fingers on one of the hands turning the world.

They weren't a cooperative, but a courtesy; they were meeting to address one of them being discourteous.

(Tiny guy's not a failure of proportion; he's Darren Cross, whom you might've seen recently in Ant-Man.

Grid-shirt in the back's the Mister Stone- he's representing Alchemax at the table.)

Pressed to share, he didn't: " The other realms..

" .. THEY'RE MINE! "

His super-strong table pounding didn't ruffle them.

(The lady with the hair's from the Shi'ar, because of course aliens have a vested interest in Earth finance.

Mister Agger's eyes and bulging vein are because of his minotaur powers.)

(That's the best the second Silver Samurai's looked yet.

Pagecount's ~2 of 20.)
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