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It's starting again with a new #1 in September.

The end this week set up the upcoming beginning with a tale of Kip Burland, the first Black Hood.

It opened in California, on him looking at the work of one he was hunting.

He couldn't find any definite indication of the Nobody, so he kept on looking.

The Nobody was, and did, likewise; he didn't know this hooded man on his tail, but he wanted to.

Six months later in Missouri, the Black Hood was putting himself out to the underworld as a wetwork guy, hoping to learn about anyone the Nobody might be sent after.

He met with a local boss in a bar.

" Glad you could make it.

" Take the bag off your head and have a seat. "

" You're going to be real sorry you did that. "

" I'm telling you, I'm not doing this.

" He hired me.

" He hired a bunch of us. "

The Hood, realizing that " he " was the Nobody, slammed the bait up against the other door in the room.

It came down; a bunch of thugs poured in and onto him.

He fought them, realizing that the Nobody'd set things up like this for a reason- he wanted to take the Black Hood's hood, his identity, away.

One of the thugs pulled it off.

The hoodless Hood seized and threw him aside, then leapt over the bar counter. There, he found a dirty rag and a baseball bat.

He jumped back onto the counter, the rag newly holed and on his head, the bat in his hand.

" I'm only going to leave one of you conscious. "

(There was a bat behind the counter because it's that kind of bar.)

(The Nobody- master of obfuscation, murder, organization, and timing the start of monologues.)

The Black Hood's hunt for the Nobody continued, ending on the beginning of the book's #1, with his murder in Philadelphia by the cop who'd end up taking on his identity.

The Nobody came upon the scene after the fact and smiled, happy that things'd been tied off so.

Come this September's relaunch, though, he'll have heard about the new Black Hood and decided to make that identity die a second death.

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So wait---they're ending Black Hood, but bringing it back with a new #1, with the same new Black Hood? (The post-Kip Burland disfigured cop?)


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